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Credit Report Facts
Credit scores help lenders assess risk more fairly because they are consistent and objective.
Approximately 30% of a credit score may be based upon amounts owed or other outstanding debt.
Remove negative items from your credit report.

Nothing is more important in your financial life than your credit score. Lenders rely on this number to approve you for credit cards, home mortgages, car loans, rental applications and more. Why wait another day before initiating the credit repair process, especially when the best credit scores are achieved over time? At we are dedicated to fixing your credit so you can get on with your life. Our bad credit repair process is fast, easy and affordable. We are proud to guarantee your satisfaction by delivering solid results.

Credit Mending Specializes in Bad Credit Repair Services

Sign up with our credit repair service and you may avoid the disappointment of being turned down for another loan or being forced into high interest payments again. Because so much hinges on the status of your credit score contact Credit Mending and start the process of bad credit repair today. Simply answer a few questions about yourself and your current credit situation and we'll contact you with a credit repair proposal. It's fast, it's easy, and it's free - give Credit Mending a try today!

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