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If your credit score falls below 620, any loan you get will be far more expensive than it would be otherwise.
If a lender is checking your credit report, it may knock off points from your score.
A general rule of thumb is to spend no more than a third of your income on mortgages, credit cards and consumer loan products.
Credit Repair Q&A

Bad Credit Repair FAQ

How does bad credit repair work?
Once you have enrolled with Credit Mending, we will require you to send us copies of your bad credit reports. Once we have received them we will determine which items to dispute with the credit bureau.  After these disputes are filled, the credit bureau will send you another copy of your report.  You will then send those copies to Credit Mending and the process will repeat itself until your credit rating has reached the level you are happy with or until there are no more disputable claims.

When will I begin to see results?
60 to 90 days after filing your credit report with Credit Mending you will start to see an impact on your credit score.  While this is the average turn around time for repairing bad credit, some items may take longer to remove due to the number of disputes that need to be filed. You should expect to be enrolled in a program for one year for maximum results, but there is no obligation to remain enrolled for that long should you choose to discontinue your service plan.

What will Credit Mending do for me?
Because your credit score is based off your entire credit history, there tends to be information that is inaccurate since this information can come from a variety of sources that each have their own processes for reporting credit data. Credit Mending helps you remove discrepancies in order to improve your overall score by working with bureaus and creditors to clear up any bad credit history.

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